Insurance Planning

Tailored insurance planning for your evolving needs

Customized Protection Plans

Our comprehensive services cover Health, Motor, Personal Accident, Shop, and Fire & Special Perils Insurance, ensuring tailored protection. Trust us to simplify your investment decisions for complete, professional coverage.

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Our insurance planning service offers comprehensive health coverage, including cashless hospitalization, specialized benefits for minor surgeries, and reimbursement for ambulance services. Our motor insurance service shields against vehicle damage, while personal accident coverage extends to unique benefits. For business and property owners, shop and fire insurance provides comprehensive protection against various risks, showcasing the diverse and tailored coverage options available.

Health Insurance

Safeguard your most valuable asset—your health with our range of insurance policies, catering to both individuals and groups through Ordinary and Floater plans. Benefit from cashless hospitalization across 1400+ hospitals in India, along with reimbursements for pre and post-hospitalization expenses, coverage for 130 minor surgeries in a unique day care procedure  and ambulance service expenses for prompt access to emergency healthcare facilities.

Motor Insurance

Protect yourself from financial losses due to vehicle damage and gain comprehensive coverage. Our insurance shields you from liability in personal injury cases and covers death and property damage resulting from accidents involving your vehicle. Experience a hassle-free, cashless claim process for added convenience during challenging times.

Personal Accident

Accidents can occur unexpectedly, potentially causing lasting harm or temporary disability that impacts your life and family. Our insurance not only covers life and injury but also provides exclusive benefits:

Weekly compensation
Medical expense reimbursements
Education support
Adaptation of home and vehicle
Coverage for ambulance hiring charges

Shop Insurance

Shop owners face constant concerns about potential hazards their businesses and inventory may encounter. From theft to employee dishonesty, fire accidents, and various other unexpected crises, the risks are numerous. Our Shop Package Insurance provides the protective cover you need. We specialize in safeguarding your business, addressing the diverse risks it might face, and ensuring comprehensive protection for your peace of mind.

Fire and Special Perils

A fire insurance policy caters to property owners, trustees, individuals, and financial institutions with a financial stake in the property. It covers both immovable and movable assets at a specific location, including buildings, machinery, furniture, stocks, and more. This encompasses goods held in trust, stocks at suppliers or customers’ premises, and even machinery temporarily relocated for repairs, ensuring comprehensive protection for diverse property holdings.

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