Big Iron 2023

Jun 12, 2023 - Jun 14, 2023

Georgia International Convention Center, USA

The SMU Steel Summit’s remarkable growth over recent years has been truly remarkable, evolving from a gathering of 434 participants in 2016 to a remarkable turnout of over 1250 attendees in 2022. With a broad representation of over 480 companies from the North American Steel Market, this event stands as the premier platform to glean insights into the future trajectory of the industry. It’s not only a place to forge valuable connections but also a hub for conducting business and shaping the course of tomorrow.

What can you expect in Atlanta?

Networking at its Finest: The Summit creates an intimate and secure setting where individuals can foster and fortify connections. It’s an optimal stage for presenting your products and services to an engaged audience, all arriving with a proactive ‘ready to do business’ attitude.

Unveiling Insights and Analysis: Dive into a wealth of knowledge through industry experts in economics, market analysis, banking, commodities, international trade and regulation, steel, and sectors like automotive, construction, and energy markets. They’ll illuminate subjects pivotal to the North American Steel Market, equipping you with insights that can seamlessly integrate into your strategic planning and decision-making.

Forecasting Steel and Commodities: Gain clarity on the direction of steel prices and commodities for 2023 and the underlying factors shaping these trajectories.

Prime Location: Nestled within a world-class conference facility adjoining the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, convenience is at the forefront. With affordable airfares and effortless accessibility, your journey to knowledge and networking is seamless.